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      2. Digital Society
        Digital Society
        By using Internet and RFID technology, we connect physical infrastructure, information infrastructure, social infrastructure and commercial infrastructure in cities through comprehensive sensing, interconnected transmission and intelligent applications and develop a city life system, with the aim of creating a better life for people, and promoting harmonious and sustainable growth of cities.。
        Intelligent COVID Response
        Incorporating big data, mobile applications and other technical means, the Yantai mass nucleic acid testing big data platform and epidemic information matching system we developed facilitate the management of sampling work based on information technology;
        SkyNet Project
        We endeavor to build a dedicated video network platform, public security information network platform, and social image resources integration platform to meet the needs of public security maintenance and urban management by monitoring key traffic roads an
        Smart Transportation
        ● Yantai intelligent bus management system can realize scheduling management, operation monitoring, data management, statistical analysis, regulating vehicle operation during peak and valley hours, providing better efficiency for bus companies and better
        Intelligent Water Service
        We organically integrate the monitoring objects and the operation information of the water supply system, and manage them on a unified monitoring platform, so as to realize centralized monitoring, hierarchical management, and bridge the information gap.
        City Pipeline Network
        By scheduling and monitoring the operation of the pipeline network, we can collect operational data and monitoring accidents so as to improve operational efficiency. We use cloud service technology to optimize solutions for three-level supervision platfor
        Intelligent Government
        ●We have built the NQI (National Quality Infrastructure) service cloud platform to promote online processing of basic businesses, a new model where key resources can be matched and shared in a targeted way, institutions can complement each other with thei
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