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        In focus: DFE’ performance in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics
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        The Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, a major event requiring strong power guarantee, opened on February 4. State Grid has set two sets of overriding principles to guarantee power supply during the Games, which are “Five Efforts” (Highest standard, strongest organization, most stringent requirements, best implemented measures, and optimum condition) and “Four Nos” (No fault for equipment, no electricity interruption for each consumer, no mistake at work, and no complaint against services). Dongfang Electronics Corporation ("DFE") actively responded to and followed the principles above, so as to ensure effective first-time on-site handling of power supply accidents and safeguard power security during the Spring Festival and the Games. DFE made a power guarantee plan beforehand, systematically ensured the overall power supply, and worked as a sincere guard for the success of the Games.

        The opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games [Photo/Xinhua]

        During the Games, DFE designated over 40 technical experts to form a “Power Guarantee Project Group”, and over 20 staff members to station at the power supply sites in Beijing and co-host city Zhangjiakou in Hebei province. They were on call around the clock to ensure absolute safety of the company’s power supply system.

        Power guarantee involves in regulating and controlling the operation of many platforms, including the data cloud platform, video surveillance platform, protection and monitoring system, HP-LP integrated monitoring system, distribution automation system, and orderly power utility platform. They served as the “brain” and “heart” of the power supply system of the Games. Safe and stable operation of the systems is the premise to ensure “no fault” occurs during the power supply for all competition venues.

        During the Games, the power supply was supposed to be smooth around the clock. The high altitude and low temperature in Zhangjiakou put forward new challenges to the supporting multi-functional electric power meter and the IoT border gateway. DFE’ scientific research team rose to the challenges and went to the project site at the Zhangjiakou competition area to do field researches. Working day and night to solve technical problems, they finally adopted IoT and edge computing technologies to develop qualified technology meeting special requirements. After several rounds of modification, optimization and improvement testing, their final offering could perfectly handle the low temperature and featured high reliability, great security and strong instantaneity for the Winter Olympics, winning praises from customers.

        Equipment application site

        DFE' online microclimate monitoring system for power line, video surveillance system for power tunnel, power guarantee platform and other technical equipment provided all-around sensing and monitoring services on the power line meteorological environment, terminal station tower cable joints, and video review during the Winter Olympics. In the harsh winter climate, the technology worked as an “omniscient eye” to ensure the safety of power supply. It was able to identify the power line’s state in real time, so as to prevent faults beforehand.

        This power guarantee project was a long-term one involving various products, during which time the Spring Festival came and the COVID-19 epidemic was ongoing. All of the above factors have brought many difficulties to the power guarantee group. However, with the joint efforts of all staff members, they planned beforehand, organized carefully, directed work on the frontline, and implemented various deployments in a solid manner. Thanks to them, the work was done smoothly. In the happy family days of the Spring Festival, in order to carry out such an arduous and lofty task as ensuring the power supply for the Winter Olympic Games, the group members sacrificed their time to reunite with their families, worked hard in the frontline of power guarantee, and made great achievements in their own career.

        Stepping up to a new height on a new journey, DFE will continue to follow the strategic goal of “Three advances, one first-class”, steadily make progress, and successfully complete this power guarantee mission. With DFE’ efforts, the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games will surely be crowned with complete success!

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