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        DFE was enlisted as one of "the fourth batch of service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises" by the Ministry of Ind
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        According to Department of Industry and Information Technology of Shandong Province, a total of 5 enterprises, 4 platforms and 2 cities were on the list of the fourth batch of national service-oriented manufacturing demonstration units. Dongfang Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "DFE") was also included in the list.

        Unlike traditional manufacturing industry, service-oriented manufacturing is a new type of industrial production and industrial pattern that integrates manufacturing and services. Through innovation, it optimizes organization form of production and operation management and boosts further integration of advanced manufacturing with modern service industry. In the new development stage, promoting the service-oriented transformation of traditional manufacturing and cultivating service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises (platforms and projects) play an important role in improving the quality and efficiency of manufacturing industry and its transformation and upgrading.

        Focusing on industrial Internet, new energy and intelligent manufacturing, DFE is dedicated to synchronized efforts in R&D, marketing and manufacturing business modules and data interconnectivity, as an effort to break the "isolated data island" inside and outside the enterprise. Through data analysis and mining, it has successfully accelerated the digitalization process of the company, and provided users with platforms and scenarios for data application through accurate identification of the pain points of customers with the tool of big data analysis and ADM. Through these efforts, DFE is able to give full play to the value of data elements, and realize the whole-process digitalized operation and life-cycle digital transformation of products, services and experiences. At the same time, leveraging innovation as the power engine, DFE has completed industrial upgrading and quality & efficiency improving and stays committed to innovation along its way forward. In 2022, the company was approved as provincial innovation platforms including Shandong Province Service Industry Innovation Center and Shandong Province Growth Drivers Conversion Public Training Base, among 6 others.

        The recent Advanced Manufacturing Province Action Plan (2022-2025) issued by Shandong Province has made it clear the specific path to promote the development of service-oriented manufacturing. Shandong pointed out that it will actively develop personalized customization in big volumes, promote the restructuring of standardized parts, refined accessories, modularized components and personalized products, so as to enhance customized design and flexible manufacturing capabilities. It will cultivate a number of service-oriented manufacturing solution providers and consulting services, and promote the construction of a number of service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises, platforms and projects.

        The Notice of the Municipal Government Office on Promoting the Three-The Notice on Promoting the Construction of Manufacturing City Three-Year Action Plan Issued by Municipal Committee Office and Government Office (YBFD [2021] No. 117) issued by Yantai City also expressed clear policy support towards intelligent upgrading. According to the document Zhifu District will in the future intensify its efforts in policy guidance, building infrastructure, and deepening public services more extensively, so as to boost the digital, intellectual and service-oriented transformation of manufacturing industry in a faster pace. DFE’s enlisting as one of the service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises by the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has served as a demonstration and model for other manufacturing enterprises in how to develop enterprise and how to improve quality & efficiency, which contributes a lot to the development of high-end manufacturing industry in the city.

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