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        DFE Sparkled at 2023 China (Shandong) Energy Storage High Quality Development Conference and Exhibition
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        On October 18, 2023, the 2023 China (Shandong) Energy Storage High Quality Development Conference and Exhibition was held in Ji’nan International Convention and Exhibition Center under the theme of “Focus on Energy Storage for A Green Future”. The enterprises engaged in power grid service, power generation, power planning and design, investment and construction, energy digital development, and integrated energy service, as well as energy storage suppliers on the industry chain gathered to share and draw a new blueprint for the development of the industry.

        ▲ Conference Site

        Amid the conference, Dongfang Electronics Corporation (“DFE”) was granted the “Digital Energy Outstanding Contribution Award in 2023”, “Best System Integrator in the Energy Storage Industry of 2023”, and “Most Innovative Enterprise in the Energy Storage Industry of 2023”.

        DFE delivered a report on the keynote of “Exploration towards the Application of New Technologies in the Building New Electric Power System” at the “Energy Storage Technology Reform and Multi-Scenario Application” Session.

        In addition, DFE also exhibited its Energy Storage System Solution, Integrated New Energy Solution, Quadruped Robot Application in Intelligent Patrol on site, which attracted a continuous stream of visitors.

        ▲DFE Stand

        DFE holds “3S” core technologies, namely PCS, EMS, and BMS, with independent intellectual property right, and is more competitive in energy storage system integration in aspect of system security, energy storage technology, and cost optimization. Backed up by digital technology, DFE has successfully integrated electrochemical technology, power electronics technology, grid support technology, and energy storage battery, temperature control and fire protection systems to enable the capabilities on active networking, flexible inertia support, voltage construction, and high security for the energy storage system, thus eliminating the troubles like frequency fluctuation, unstable voltage, and broadband oscillation for the development of the new generation of power system.


                                  Power Conversion System (PCS)                                                             Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage System   


                                                                Centralized PCS                                                                        Power Conversion System (PCS)

                                 Integrated User Energy Storage System                                                                  Stackable User Energy Storage System

                                              PCS Converter Power Module                                                                                    Portable Power Supply


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