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        DFE Makes a Wonderful Appearance at the 2023 National Energy Internet Conference to Jointly Explore New Way of Green and Low-Carbon Development
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        Recently, the 2023 National Energy Internet Conference themed “Responding to the Challenges of Controlling Carbon Emissions Volume and Intensity, Building a New Type of Energy System” was held in Shanghai Zhangjiang Science Hall, an event organized by Tsinghua University and National Energy Internet Industry and Technology Innovation Alliance, and undertaken by State Grid Shanghai Energy Internet Research Institute Co., Ltd. Attended by more than 700 experts and representatives of energy Internet related units, the conference had more than 100,000 people watch it live broadcast. Fang Zhengji, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of Dongfang Electronics Corporation (DFE) attended the opening ceremony of the conference, addressing salon of xinhuanet.cn to share his views with experts and scholars on building “zero carbon park” to promote the green and low-carbon development of the Yangtze River Delta industry. DFE, the conference co-organizer, amazed the conference with typical cases of integrated energy and virtual power plants, delivering a keynote presentation at the Energy Internet of Things sub-forum.

        High-end Face-to-face Communication

        Display of Important Achievements in the Field of Integrated Energy and Virtual Power Plants

        DFE, with the theme focused on “helping the new energy system to achieve the ‘dual carbon’ vision”, displayed its core advantages and typical cases of integrated energy and virtual power plants. During the meeting, experts and scholars from MIIT, National Energy Internet Industry and Technology Innovation Alliance, State Grid Corporation, China Southern Power Grid Company, Tsinghua University, Northeast Electric Power University, visited the booths to exchange ideas, discuss energy, and share experience.


        Forum Thematic Sharing

        Sharing the Innovative Research and Practice of Digital Virtual Power Plant

        At the Energy Internet of Things sub-forum, FDE was invited to deliver a special report on the innovative research and practice of virtual power plants under the framework of dual carbon goals. Dong Wenjie, head of integrated energy business of DFE, explained in the report the challenges and opportunities faced by virtual power plants, detailing the implementation route and key technology of virtual power plants, and expounding implementation cases of virtual power plants of the company in China Southern Power Grid Company, State Grid Corporation, power generation group, Energy Group, and other multi-application scenarios.

        Addressing the Salon

        Building “Zero Carbon Park” to Drive Green and Low-Carbon Development

        During the meeting, Mr. Fang Zhengji addressed the salon. Through visits, exchanges, discussions, salons and other ways, DFE, together with experts and scholars, explored the way of building “zero carbon park” to drive the industrial green and low-carbon development in Yangtze River Delta, carrying out in-depth discussions on technical exchanges and project cooperation.

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